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TRAZER technology combines cognitive challenges with physical motion to create the most complete profile of the ways your body moves and reacts.

TRAZER challenges you with a series of movement-based games and activities while recording your reactions and movements. An advanced camera tracks 25 different points on your body as you move, measuring reaction time to visual cues, acceleration/deceleration, kinematic joint angles and much more. Your PT can assess your strength, balance, and ability to avoid falls, while also highlighting the key areas of your body that can benefit from additional conditioning and strengthening to prevent future injuries.

TRAZER also uses measurements and comparisons focused on the functional movement demands of your sport or activity to assess your individual strengths, weaknesses and potential underlying injuries. Athletes of all ages and skill levels can use TRAZER to create a personalized training regimen that enhances your abilities and strengthens the areas that might be holding you back.

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