Kimberly Abrahams, DPT

Physical Therapist | Chaska, MN (Anytime Fitness)


  • Lower Extremities
  • Manual Therapy
  • Pre and Post Operative Rehabilitation
  • Spinal Specialist
  • Upper Extremities

Kim has been a physical therapist since 2005. All her physical therapy experience has been in outpatient orthopedics housed in settings such as private practice, gyms, and corporate environments across Minnesota, Connecticut, California, and New York. Kim believes in her purpose of being a physical therapist. Through facilitating the healing process, removing pain, and restoring function, Kim is honored to work alongside her patients as they return to the life they want to live without limitation. Kim is a hockey coach, player and fan. Most recently she has coached in the Minnesota State High School League. During the 2011-12 season, she attended 1 home game at every NHL arena.

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