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Viverant professional physical therapists

For Patients:

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For general questions about our company and services or to schedule an appointment at any Viverant location, call 877-609-0123 or email us at info@viverant.com

Need to fax us a referral from your physician? Send it to 888-425-0398

Not sure if physical therapy is right for you? Sign up for a complimentary 30-minute Movement Assessment with a Viverant Physical Therapist.

If you were unable to cancel your appointment with a minimum of 1 business days’ notice and feel the circumstances of your situation do not warrant a cancellation fee, please email us at patientinquiries@viverant.com 

For Medical Professionals:

Interested in referring your patients to Viverant Physical Therapy?

Contact Dana Hause at dhause@viverant.com or call our Viverant Engagement Team at 877-609-0123

For Employers:

Interested in working with Viverant to provide Physical Therapy, Nutrition or Clinical Performance Coaching services to your employees?

Contact Dana Hause at dhause@viverant.com 

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