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Our goal is to make the life-changing benefits of Physical TherapyNutrition, and Clinical Performance Coaching more accessible to everyone who wants to move freely and live fully.

Working with a Viverant physical therapist

What to Expect

Everything you need to know to get ready for your first Viverant Physical Therapy appointment and begin your treatment. Learn More

You’re on your way to feeling better.

Whether you’re experiencing chronic pain, recovering from an injury or working to discover your body’s full potential, we’ll meet you where you are and build a personalized plan of care to get you where you want to be. For us, success is measured by helping you achieve your goals and live the life you want. Here, you’ll find everything you need to start your own journey to move beyond pain, tightness and weakness.

Viverant Movement Assessment

If you’re dealing with chronic pain, an injury that just won’t go away, or any physical condition that’s holding you back, a complimentary 30-minute Viverant Movement Assessment can get you moving in the right direction. You’ll meet one-on-one with a Viverant Physical Therapist to talk about what you’re feeling, look at your range of motion and body mechanics, and determine if physical therapy is right for you. There’s no cost or obligation, and you don’t need a prescription or physician’s referral.

Email us your full name, phone number, and desired Viverant location and we will contact you to get your Movement Assessment scheduled.

Rates & Memberships

Find the payment option that makes sense for you, including insurance, self-pay and Viverant membership packages. Learn More


Viverant Physical Therapy is an in-network provider for most insurance carriers, even without a referral from your primary care physician. The amount you pay will be determined by your insurance carrier with consideration of your plan’s deductible, co-insurance, copays and out of pocket maximum. In most cases, your total out-of-pocket expenses are reduced with insurance coverage

Exercise Instructions on MedBridge

If your Physical Therapist give you stretches and exercises to do at home between sessions, you can access those through MedBridge.

Pay Your Bill

You can pay your bill online through your Patient Portal account.


All forms can be completed via our self-service patient portal. You can register for an account or login by using the patient portal button on our homepage. If you choose to call us to schedule your appointment our team of experts will provide you with instructions on what forms are needed to begin your plan of care with a Viverant Physical Therapist. Create an account or Log in

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