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Viverant was created to make the life-changing benefits of Physical Therapy, Nutrition and Clinical Performance Coaching accessible to everyone who wants to feel better about their body and find out what it can do.

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At Viverant, physical therapy is a collaboration between you and your provider.

It’s not just a checklist or a set of exercises. You and your PT will work together to create a personalized plan based on what you want to be able to do in life and all the ways you want to move. We take a holistic approach to healing and improvement, so you’ll have a team of experts in multiple medical and fitness dimensions to help you move in all of the ways you want and pursue your potential without pain. And when you reach your goals, we’ll work with you to set new ones.

Proactive physical therapy

Physical Therapy

Viverant Physical Therapists (PTs) are all licensed, experienced professionals with thousands of hours of patient care, education, and training. They’re familiar with a wide range of evidence-based therapeutic techniques and treatments, including general orthopedics, pre- and post-operative care, pelvic health, concussion rehabilitation, temporal mandibular dysfunction, and more.

Discussing nutrition with a Viverant professional


Our Nutrition services are provided by Registered Dietitians who are experts in food and nutrition, translating the complex science of food and nutrition into healthy, real-world solutions. Drawing upon extensive training and thousands of hours of experience, they provide evidence-based medical nutrition therapy and nutritional counseling to support your health and fitness goals.

Performance Coaching with a Viverant Professional

Clinical Performance Coaching

Our Clinical Performance Coaches (CPCs) are certified personal trainers who focus on helping you build endurance, strength and power through a variety of exercises to improve your performance in athletic activities and enjoyment of everyday life. Viverant conducts its own exclusive training program for CPCs that combines intensive study and clinical experience in collaboration with our Physical Therapists. We work to not only help you achieve your health goals, but get stronger so you can move better and avoid future injury.

Every Viverant studio offers a private treatment room and a bright, open environment with all of the equipment you’ll need to feel better, grow stronger and accomplish what you want.