Patient Testimonials

John S.

“I am a new man! With my PT’s expertise, I have achieved more than I thought was possible.”


Samuel S.

“I’m feeling healthier than I have in years and am extremely confident my athleticism will continue to return.”


Richard D.

“I found my PT to be very knowledgeable and there is a great atmosphere amongst the staff. I couldn’t be happier with the results.”


Rob M.

“I am back to normal! 100%! I am very pleased with the results and how things went.”


Kevin A.

“My PT did a great job explaining my issues and what exercises would be best to improve the situation. I have never had such instant pain relief!”


Melinda C.

“My PT was great. She offered lots of ways to improve my pain and gave me hope that this wasn’t going to be a chronic issue.”


Joan A.

“My PT knows her stuff. She was always prepared and followed up with an evolving plan so I could achieve my goals.”


Desiree H.

“Lance has drastically increased my overall strength which has led to no more pain or finger numbness and increased mobility. He pushes both my physical and mental limits in the best way.”


Tammy H.

“My experience has been amazing. My PT can slow me down and really hear my experience and then treat my injuries with amazing accuracy.”


Angie N.

“I would recommend Steph to anyone trying to get back into workouts, rehab injuries, or feel more comfortable in a gym and to stay focused on your goals.”


Justin B.

Mark and the team are always welcoming and are great listeners. I always went home feeling better than when I showed up.”


Keerstyn W.

“I loved working with my PT! She was great about figuring out the cause of my hip pain and giving me the tools and resources to help the healing process.”


Rick E.

Barry not only gave me exercises that pinpointed problem areas, but he also brings in real life applications as to why they are important to maintaining a mobile lifestyle.”


Zack H.

Kyle was absolutely great and helped me in every way I needed to get my shoulder healthy again.”


Emily G.

“I can’t believe the improvement I have experienced! My physical therapist took a holistic approach that really made a difference.”


Natasha C.

“I feel much better equipped to handle daily challenges now that I am stronger and more flexible.”


Ellie B.

“My physical therapist was personable, patient, informative and just an all-around good person. I actually looked forward to my physical therapy appointments. I feel so much better now that I don’t have surgery staring me in the eye.”


Jane S.

“Switching to Viverant was the best decision for me. Just walking in the door is so much more relaxing and welcoming than other clinics I’ve been to.”


Brittany B.

“Providers were professional, encouraging, and kind. I always looked forward to my visits and felt better when I left.”


Kevin S.

“The staff were friendly, professional, and filled with knowledge.”


Shellie B.

“I am thrilled beyond belief! J.A. was fabulous, patient, and just excellent.”


Brody O.

Benji is kind and incredibly knowledgeable. He quickly found the cause of my pain and weakness and immediately began treating it.”


Stephanie P.

“I am both physically and mentally stronger. I have no worries about keeping my body going as I near 70-years-old.”


Larry S.

“My experience was excellent. Adam is a great PT, and all the staff are very friendly.”


Jacob O.

“Since I started working with Nikki, not only have I gotten rid of all my injuries but have also learned so much in the process as to what I can and should be doing to keep them away.”


Sarah O.

“I absolutely love the Viverant team, and I recommend them to everyone I can. I feel so much stronger and healthier, including parts of myself I didn’t even realize I could improve.”


Katy G.

“After years of struggling with previous surgeries and rehab, finding Viverant has been a game changer. Their approach to PT has helped me both physically and mentally.” 


Kristina B.

“This is not my first time doing Physical Therapy, but as I am working with Emily, this is my first time experiencing real progress. Emily is giving me the tools needed to retrain my body to function properly.” 


Carolyn D.

“Viverant helped me eliminate my pelvic pain! I am now able to play tennis like I used to pre-pregnancy.” 


Elaine P.

“It was the most positive experience I’ve ever had with a physical therapist. She listened carefully and was able to pinpoint what I needed most for both my home workout and the workouts we were doing together.” 


Caitlin W.

“I really enjoyed my experience working with Bethany! She was a great listener and was very understanding and knowledgeable about my conditions. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is pregnant or postpartum!”


Patrick K.

“I was really impressed with the treatment and facility. It is a comfortable and professional environment. My care provider was informative, and the treatment showed results immediately.”


John D.

“Kimberly Abrahams was courteous, professional, amazingly knowledgeable, and clearly customer focused. What a great listener! She picked up on things that I wasn’t even aware of, efficiently devised a therapy plan, and helped me execute it with care and encouragement.”


Vicky H.

“I want to say every positive adjective known in the dictionary about Nikki. Nikki is knowledgeable, caring, kind, considerate, helpful, goes the extra mile, and asks appropriate questions. I believe Nikki really cares about her patients. I am grateful to have her as my physical therapist.”


Bonita J.

Mark Loscheider has done wonders for me. He is very knowledgeable, and my treatment has been very diversified. Each time the exercises are a little different.”


Tyler B.

Bethany is awesome, she’s been really helpful and great to work with! She’s been very patient with me and explains things when I have questions. It’s great stuff. Also had a nutrition session with Steph and she was awesome too. Very patient and explained things to me with the questions I had. She rocks!”


Rick M.

Taylor Kuhn from the Lakeville location was amazing with her extensive knowledge and very calm demeanor. Taylor gave me exercises to do while I was at home and would teach me new stretches and exercises during my sessions with her.”


Al M.

“We, from day one, focused on my back issues and saw immediate results in the range of movement and in the level of pain associated with movement. We also worked on the flexibility issues with a great deal of success.”


Lori B.

“Impressed with level of professionalism, knowledge, quick diagnosis and treatment plan. Each visit I received excellent service seeing improvements in reduced pain and limitations.”


Nancy F.

Amy is absolutely amazing! She understands and targets all the affected areas efficiently and works on release and strengthening.”


Doris R.

“My PT was very professional! She worked very hard getting me back to working out. She did a great job; I’m feeling so much better. Plus, she showed me what I should do daily/weekly to keep going with the exercises. I can’t say enough about how thorough she was each & every session.”


Peggy H.

Kayla and the folks at the Roseville location were really great! They were a pleasure to work with and so caring.”


Christina K.

Leigh is amazing. Extremely knowledgeable. I have learned so much from her. I was hesitant to come but she creates a safe environment.”


Sonia Z.

Liz was and is amazing! I physically felt so good throughout my pregnancy!”


Kaila B.

Stefani was wonderful to work with. She listens and she’s kind and so far, I’ve lost 5 pounds.”


MaryJo W.

Jordan is great, he is gentle with the movements and knows his job well. Offers a lot of encouragement and a variety of stretches to do at home.”


Paul D.

“I’ve had several physical therapy experiences in the past. My PT has been fantastic and is the best I have encountered. In addition to his high level of expertise, he is a great listener and has great recall.”


Faye H.

Maggie Dolan is an excellent physical therapist in that she reassesses my status at each physical therapy session and provides intervention that is tailored to my status. She executes modalities with precision and explains my home exercises thoroughly.”


Nancy N.

Jon Sampson was great at pinpointing the areas that needed to be strengthened and helped with increasing flexibility. I especially appreciated that he had a relationship with my ortho and made a call to help me schedule an appointment and was able to discuss my case with him.”


Larry B.

Benji employed many different exercises over the course of my 9-month rehab. His ability to observe and formulate treatments and exercises contributed greatly to my progress.”


Cathy H.

“The PT I have been seeing is extremely thorough. I’ve been impressed with her ability to listen to me – answer questions; assess problems; provide on-sight therapy; give helpful home exercises and monitor my progress. I particularly like that she considers more than just my knee and considers the entire posterior chain when treating me.”


David E.

Dan Allen has been a tremendous help and motivator. We have been working together now for 4 or 5 months. I have a long way to go, but I can now step up and off curbs without it being a major challenge and feel far more independent and safer in my daily life.”


Michael L.

“PT was excellent. Lori Post the Dietician/Nutritionist is absolutely the best of the best!”


Sara S.

“Working with my Physical Therapist and also my Pilates coach has made a great deal of difference in my life. They work together to assess the whole body and prescribe a program that heals and strengthens.”


Sisto S.

“My experience has and is currently very pleasant. My therapist is very knowledgeable and creative with my sessions.”


Kim C.

“My Physical Therapist was excellent! She came highly recommended from my doctor, and I can see why.”


Lynn L.

Ellen Thornberg has been a terrific person to work with. I feel that she really cares about me, and that she has gone above and beyond to give me some extra help and find other resources for me to use that work well with the therapy she’s providing.”


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