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We believe that Physical Therapy, Nutrition and Clinical Performance Coaching are for anyone who wants to realize their potential and achieve their goals. Because dreams are made to be pursued. And people are made to move.

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Full-body health and wellness takes a team effort

Your body is a remarkable work of biomechanical art, a complex system that enables you to do amazing things every day. And when one part of that system isn’t working the way it’s supposed to, it affects every facet of your life. Similarly, pain, tightness or weakness in one part of your body may be caused by an issue from another area altogether.

That’s why Viverant takes a holistic approach to healing and improvement, including Physical TherapyNutrition, and Clinical Performance Coaching. You’ll have a team of experts in multiple medical and fitness dimensions to help you move in all of the ways you want and pursue your potential without pain. Best of all, you don’t need a prescription or doctor’s referral to start, and treatment is often covered by insurance.