Pelvic Health

We understand that pelvic floor dysfunction can be an uncomfortable subject to talk about, and can be alarming to experience the associated symptoms, discomfort, and pain. The pelvic floor closely interacts with the spine, hips, and multiple pelvic organs. There are many muscles, nerves, joints, and organs in a small space within the body. Because of this, a skilled professional may be critical in your care to create an individualized treatment plan so you can get back to living your life without limitation.

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Our Approach to Treatment

Treatment at Viverant consists of one-on-one sessions in a comfortable private treatment room with a Viverant Physical Therapist who has extensive experience and specialized training in pelvic health. You and your PT will discuss your medical history and the symptoms you’re experiencing, and then conduct a comprehensive evaluation that can include assessing your posture, range of motion, pelvic alignment, flexibility, strength, pelvic stability, joint mobility, tissue restriction, and pelvic floor muscle condition.


Viverant Physical therapy clinic

Our Approach to Treatment

We utilize the following treatment techniques to address and correct pelvic floor dysfunction:


● Manual Therapy
● Dry Needling
● Neuromuscular Re-education
● Strength and Stabilization Exercises
● Biofeedback
● Relaxation Training