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How we measure your biochemistry to build a personalized plan.

Here are some of the tests we use to establish a baseline and make personalized recommendations to help you overcome obstacles and accelerate the healing process:


Mediator Release Testing (MRT):

A test for food sensitivities that analyzes your body’s inflammatory responses to foods and chemicals, identifying foods to avoid or temporarily eliminate from your diet.


Micronutrient Testing:

A test that measures and analyzes the levels of 55 critical vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants to identify functional deficiencies so our Registered Dietitians know which nutrients are needed to help you thrive.


DUTCH Hormone Testing:

A comprehensive assessment of adrenal and sex hormones and their metabolites that help identify and diagnose hormonal imbalances.

Viverant Registered Dietitians

Our Nutrition services are provided by Registered Dietitians who are experts in food and nutrition, translating the complex science of food and nutrition into healthy, real-world solutions. Drawing upon extensive training and thousands of hours of experience, they provide evidence-based medical nutrition therapy and nutritional counseling to support your health and wellness goals.