Clinical Performance Coaching

Build strength, endurance and agility with focused training to reach your body’s full potential.

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Working with a Clinical Performance Coach

Health and fitness are an ongoing journey, one that doesn’t end with eliminating chronic pain, tightness or weakness. You have goals and challenges that might range from the everyday to the audacious, from walking a mile to running a marathon. Our approach to treatment includes the transition from recovery and rehabilitation to a specialized regimen of exercises and training techniques created by our Clinical Performance Coaches and overseen by our Physical Therapists. Viverant Clinical Performance Coaching provides a path for you to realize your body’s full potential and achieve your goals.

Our Clinical Performance Coaching services are also available on a self-pay basis for one-one-one personal training in addition to being part of a Physical Therapy program for recovery and rehabilitation.

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Viverant Clinical Performance Coaches

Our Clinical Performance Coaches are certified personal trainers who focus on helping you build endurance, strength and power through a variety of exercises to improve your performance in athletic activities and enjoyment of everyday life. Viverant conducts its own exclusive training program for CPCs that combines intensive study and clinical experience in collaboration with our Physical Therapists.

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