Personal Training & Performance Coaching

Reach your body’s full potential so you can achieve all the goals you set out to accomplish.

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You have goals and challenges that might range from the everyday to the audacious, from walking around the block to running a marathon. Viverant Personal Training can help you transition from physical therapy to a specialized exercise plan so you can continue to move freely, avoid injury, and achieve your health and wellness goals. Personal Training can also be utilized to help you get stronger, move better, and live healthier, even if you weren’t previously in physical therapy.


Performance Coaching is an extension of our Personal Training services focused on athletes looking to compete at their very best, avoid injury, or build strength after physical therapy. We specialize in all sports, using customized exercise regimens to further develop the skills and abilities specific to your sport or activity.


Working with a Clinical Performance Coach

Our Performance Coaches

Our Coaches are certified personal trainers who focus on helping people achieve their goals with a variety of movements and exercises to improve athletic performance, or simply help a patient enjoy everyday life without limitations. Viverant conducts its own exclusive training program for our coaches that combines intensive study and clinical expertise in collaboration with our Physical Therapists.


Personal Training and Performance Coaching are available for 30-, 45-, or 60-minute sessions. Visit our Rates & Insurance page for complete pricing.

Additional Performance Programs