Diabetes + Pre-Diabetic Therapy

Losing weight, eating well and getting appropriate exercise are the best ways to manage diabetes, or prevent it if you’re pre-diabetic. These principles are the foundation of our Diabetes & Pre-Diabetic Therapy.

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The Viverant Advantage

Viverant understands that diabetes and conditions associated with it can also be roadblocks to effective treatment. Our approach begins with meeting you where you are and building a personalized plan of care. We’ll help you make gradual but critical improvements and address orthopedic issues that may be hindering your ability to exercise at the appropriate intensity levels.

Diabetes & Pre-Diabetic Therapy is overseen by our Physical Therapists and Registered Dietitians: experienced medical professionals who understand the challenges of maintaining good fitness and dietary habits and collaborate to help you succeed.

Helping You Achieve Sustainable Results

In addition to medication and dietary modifications, exercise, including progressive resistance training, is essential to managing diabetes. Just one period of relatively intense exercise has a beneficial impact on:


● Insulin sensitivity
● Glycogen and fat oxidation
● Glucose tolerance
● Blood pressure
● Resting metabolism
● Blood sugar levels


We’ll monitor your progress through tracking test results, body composition assessments, and strength and cardiovascular endurance measurements. Over time, our personalized approach built around exercise, especially when combined with a healthy diet and weight management, can help:


● Strengthen the heart
● Reduce plasma viscosity
● Reverse damage within the circulatory system
● Increase insulin sensitivity


In some cases, this approach may reverse conditions related to diabetes such as hypertension, hyperglycemia and hyperinsulinemia.