Gestational Diabetes Therapy

The risks of Gestational Diabetes include developing Type 2 diabetes and an increased likelihood of other pregnancy and labor complications. Viverant Physical Therapy’s personalized approach can help you minimize potential complications and improve your overall health and wellness as you prepare to welcome your newborn.

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Our Approach

Our Physical Therapists will monitor your progress through tracking insulin usage, blood glucose levels and strength and cardiovascular endurance measurements. We’ll also evaluate your medical history, assess pelvic floor function and other potential orthopedic complications to design a personalized plan of care to fit your needs and goals.

Our Providers

Our multidisciplinary approach to helping our patients begins with creating a personalized treatment plan in collaboration with our team of experts. Gestational Diabetes care is overseen by our Physical Therapists, Pelvic Health experts and Registered Dietitians: experienced medical professionals who understand the challenges of starting and maintaining good fitness and dietary habits.

Gestational Diabetes Therapy is currently available at the following locations: