Pre- and Post-Operative Rehabilitation

Physical therapy can provide a smoother path to recovery and wellness before and after surgery. Pre-operative PT can help you mentally and physically prepare for your surgical procedure, and start a routine that will be even more beneficial during your recovery. Post-operative PT can help make the outcome of your procedure more successful, reduce pain and the risk of infection, and help you regain strength and mobility more quickly.

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Post-operative therapy for rehab
Physical therapy programs

Our approach to treatment

Working with you and your doctor, your Viverant Physical Therapist will create a personalized program based on your condition and goals. Your plan will include stretches to restore and improve your range of motion and increase joint flexibility, along with exercises that build strength and muscle to improve your overall health and prevent future injuries. Working with your Physical Therapist and following your plan consistently will shorten your recovery period and help you live and move and in all of the ways you want.