Golf Performance Program

Conditioning and mobility might not be the first things you think of when it comes to making your golf game as good as it can be. But the fact is, the most important part of your game isn’t your clubs or your ball, but your body. And not paying attention to it can hurt your game and you. We’re ready to help you avoid injury, raise your fitness level and lower your score.

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Our Golf Performance Program gives you eight training sessions focused on the physical parts of your game that might be holding you back, helping you strengthen key muscles and increase your mobility. Your program will include a personalized physical therapy regimen specific to improving the mechanics of your swing during your training sessions and beyond.

Our Program includes:

A comprehensive evaluation of your physical mobility relating to the mechanics of your golf swing

Thoracic spine and hip mobility training to give you a more complete swing rotation

Core strengthening exercises for increased power and stability

Shoulder mobility training for a complete backswing and follow-through

Eight 40-minute sessions for $1,000