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Welcome to Viverant. We believe that everyone deserves to be free from pain. To bounce back from setbacks and reach for new highs. To be comfortable, strong, capable, and confident. Because dreams are meant to be pursued, and people are made to move.

Managing Diabetes? Our Physical Therapists can help.

A holistic approach to healing and improvement.

When you work with Viverant, you’ll have a team of experts in multiple medical and fitness dimensions. We’ll work with you to create a personalized plan based on what you want to be able to do in life and all the ways you want to move. Best of all, you don’t need a prescription or doctor’s referral to get started.

Professional physical therapy clinic

Meet Our Providers.

Viverant Physical Therapists (PTs) are all licensed, experienced professionals with thousands of hours of patient care, education, and training. Our Nutrition services are provided by Registered Dietitians who translate the complex science of food and nutrition into healthy, real-world solutions. And our Clinical Performance Coaches are certified personal trainers who help you build endurance, strength and power to improve your performance in athletic activities and enjoyment of everyday life.

Meet Our Team

Here’s what our patients say.

“The best, most thorough and relieving session I’ve ever had! Love these guys, total rock stars!”

Gabe, Viverant Patient

“I’ve seen many PTs over the years (I’ve had three spine surgeries), but none as attentive and effective as Adam! My pain is significantly better and my overall function has improved.”

Megan, Anytime Fitness Member and Viverant Patient

“The therapists really know their stuff and are genuinely passionate about the work they do and they are invested in their patients positive outcomes! You will not waste your time here.”

Camille, Viverant Patient

“My knees were so bad and six weeks later I’m already experiencing significant improvement! The combo of working out and physical therapy through Viverant has been an amazing surprise as I thought I might be headed towards knee surgery.”

Danny, Anytime Fitness Member and Viverant Patient

“Viverant Physical Therapists are highly skilled at rehabilitation and I obtained long-term relief from chronic muscle tightening with dry needling. Improved my quality of life.”

Sharon, Viverant Patient

“My therapy is geared for me while I am with the therapist, with a doable home plan to work on. I appreciate the adjustments that are made in my plan to keep me working towards my goal. I like the progress I have seen and find my plan not as grueling as I thought it could be.”

Phyllis, Viverant Patient

“Instead of focusing on the part that was sore or hurt, we focused on building up the whole area, which improved more than just the painful spot. All in all it was a huge relief to be able to get more flexibility out of movement versus just trying to fix something that was hurt. I was able to come to one place (Anytime Fitness) and it was very convenient to be able to do my therapy and go to the gym at the same time.”

Brian, Viverant Patient

“I cannot recommend Viverant enough. Their process of PT is far and away more personalized and much more effective than any other PT. Ann K saved me from knee surgery with her expert rehab! Billing and all clericals are easy and efficient. I am grateful beyond!!”

Amy, Viverant Patient

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